$100K Social Workshop Review – The Truth Behind the Scenes

$100K Social Workshop Review

$100K Social WorkshopHow would you like to attend a training in a closed group that paid $997.00 each?  $100K Social Workshop makes that possible.

Our fellow marketers Flemin Goh and Liming Wu recorded each and every live session where they revealed, in detail, how they made $350K with facebook traffic.

It is a well structured training course where you are going to learn how to implement a great business model with proven results.

The truth behind the scenes is that there is a promise this training has the potential to change your life into a better one!

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$100K Social Workshop training formula is a great training course, well structured, full of case studies and living proof shwoing solid results without any doubt.

The training is presented in 20 HQ video recordings and multiple Live Case Studies, where all details for social affliate marketing are revealed.

This marketing formula, as I said before, is based on facebook traffic, and the authors take you by the hand from setting up a facebook fanpage to making the promise of a solid and recurrent income come true.

Personally, I enjoyed the sessions a lot, and got really surprised when they showed you do not hace to sell anything online to make money.  The system is based on CPA (Cost Per Action) and you are going to learn how to start a solid business online using this model.

Lets get deep into the sessions so you have a better perspective of it:

The first session is about FB/Social CPA Introduction.  As you read ahead, you dont sell stuff online on this business model.  It is no brainer at all.  You invest a little money on the system and you get more money back.

You are going to learn how to quickly and easily turn the money in, into profit.

Then you are taken to the second session related to choosing the right offer.  Have you seen that movie before?

Well, I had the same thought until this people chose the right offers, ran traffic and profited in front the camera.  That was amazing!  Watching at those results it was just a matter of copy and paste the offers from the niches they´ve already tasted.

One of the biggest failure factors is that people choose the wrong offers and put a lot of money into them, leaving with their pockets empty.

The third session is all about ads.  You can copy the ads that are working fine and are perfect to convert.  The coaches say “No more guessing on what MIGHT work, we know this works and we’ve got the proof to back it up!”

The next module invilves techy stuff.  Setting Up Lander/Hosting/Tracking.  The guys make it so simple and easy to understand.  Again, copy, paste … done.

On the next session, now the money pages are ready, you are taught in the art of setting up Facebook campaigns.  Right here things get more interesting because you are so close to start collecting money.

How to convert the traffic into money, and spit out more on the other end than you’re making, is the topic of the next session.  Self explanatory.

Perhaps at this moment you are investing $5 in and getting $10 out.  Sure you want more now you have seen results.  The session is abour SCALING, and the coaches will show you hoe to make it possible.

Learn the simple way they  scale their money making campaigns, it only takes a few minutes to scale each one and go from $5 profit to hundreds in profit with each campaign.  Proof on each step as usual.

The boys did not leave anything out.  In the last module you will learn how to outsource everything. You can actually pay a virtual assistant $3 an hour to do most of this work FOR you.

Learn how to outsource any grunt work and keep your work hours ultra low for maximum time spent with friends, family, yourself, or whatever you want to use it for.

At the end of the training, there is a great session of Q&A.  It is really helpful to watch what other stundents asked before and what are the major problems they found.

The $100K Social Workshop training formula has a great support service, and you can sak anything, anytime, to have the best results.  I think this is one of the best CPA trainings based on simplicity and living proof.

With that being said, $100k social workshop is


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