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WP Blazer 3.0 is Alive

I have very good news for all blogeers who use wordpress to build their websites.

As you may know, wordpress sites are very vulnerable to hackers attacks when you do not have all your themes and plugins updated.

Once our sites are under attack, a real nightmare starts because the sites are under search engines blacklists or completely dead.

It is a drag when you have many sites and, for one reason or another, you forget to update your stuff and you don´t have a recent backup to restore all your stuff.

WP Blazer is an excellent solution for that, because you can manage all your sites in one dashboard, and there you can schecule backups, updates and all the management needs for a happy and healthy website running 24/7.

This version comes with new features, that lets you share your posts within your websites network and even with your social media sites.

This software was developed by Cindy Donovan, and is a true promise of websites healthy life.

WP Blazer is a cloudbased software for wordpress automation, management and security.  All in one tool.

The lauch of this product was due on March 8, 2017 so it is a recent release and not some old crappy tool useless for any purpouse.

You can get WP Blazer by monthly payment, yearly payment or lifetime payment, and there are some upsells, not mandatory, for unlimited sites, developer license and whitelabel license so you can choose the best option for you.

Tomorrow I am going to publish a full review of this software so you can have an overview of its features, how it works, what is the user opinion and the bonuses included when you grab your copy through my link.


Access WP Blazer Here


Video: WP Blazer

Access WP Blazer Here



Antonio Ortega Masot
Antonio Ortega Masot
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