LiveReel Review

Livereel Review

LiveRell.  Inside the tool.

As the world becomes digital enlightened, people are much more interested in watching a video than reviewing a lot of words stringed with each other.

It is the power of a video clip that has made digital advertising a strong selling factor.

Nonetheless, digital advertising and marketing has passed regular video to the capacity to stream live video clips to get traffic, interact with your customers, and boost sales for your products.

Live videos are interesting to make, however they are likewise picky and take the stamina out of you.

To be honest, you need a whole lot of power as well as understanding invested into the making a video to bring in the group you desire.

With the advent of social media, marketers are on more than one platform and need to drive traffic on all platforms but how do you go about it.

The answer is there is a software application that allows your stream live videos on greater than one platform all at once without the stress and anxiety of videotaping different videos each time you intend to go live.

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What is LIVEReel?

Well, LIVEReel is a cloud software application that allows you to live stream an already recorded video on all social platforms you belong to at once to market products orsolutions you are into like on Facebook, Twitters, as well as YouTube, etc .




Who needs LIVEReel?

Well, it is safe to claim everyone requires LIVEReel, yet for individuals that provide a ton of products and service that require presence.

It goes a long way to know that you can really stream your old video clips for a specific program and generate the required web traffic and sales without ever before being there.

People that advantages from this software program are marketing firms, private salesmen, affiliate marketer, product developers pr produces, e-commerce shops, social media sites marketers, regional and also global store proprietors, as well as also podcasters.


What platforms are compatible with LIVEReel?

With LIVEReel you can go survive the complying with 15 platforms at one time.

They are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, DailyMotion, Periscope, Smash Cast, MobCrush, WordPress, Bloggers, LiveJournal, Tumblr, Medium, iNSTAGIB and Chew TV.



Why we love LIVEReel?

It is funny just how in no greater than a year this cloud-based software application tool is getting energy particularly among online marketers, yet there are several reasons that we love LIVEReel.

Certainly, we understand that it is currently possible to live stream across fifteen platforms as listed above, however other reasons are:

  • Live to stream at your own time: this feature enables you to live stream pre-recorded videos any kind of time also when you are asleep.
  • Add eye-catching Video frames: LIVEReel also allows users to add low-grade music, picture frame or language to capture the viewer attention to keep watching the video to the end. There is something for everyone.
  • Stream live on your website: additionally, to live streaming on the above-listed platforms, LIVEReel gives its users the benefit of streaming their video clips on their websites too.
  • Auto-comment your viewers: this is by far the most wonderful features about LIVEReel. The ability to reply to the comments of your viewers through autopilot message making it looks as if you are there before them.
  • Fix your troubles: on the planet of marketing, there will be mad as well as disappointed customers particularly a lot more online. LIVEReel permits you to additionally manage consumers with pre-messages and also eliminate spam as well as adverse comments from your page.
  • Keep track of the viewers: marketers need clients to make sales, and with LIVEReel, you can create a mailing list that allows you to reach out to your potential customers after the live video is over.
  • Enhance your ranking on YouTube and also Google: we are all on the net to obtain a high ranking, and also with LIVEReel you can attain that success as individuals like and favor video clip than message anyways.
  • Advanced Track Setting: with LIVEReel users are able to see which of your social media platform gets the highest views and capitalize of it to increase your online presence and product without less work.




What is the bonus in using LIVEReel?

It is cloud-based software so you are devoid of downloading and install, mounting or attempting to configure it.

All that is required is to create an account, visit to your account, and also start going live at any time you are all set. LIVEReel likewise enables you to personalize your video and also suitable with MAC, Windows, etc.

Moreover, the software application is 100 percent secure and sharing video remains in no chance breaking or in infraction any type of regulation or guideline.


Final thought on LIVEReel

After experiencing several beta testers as well as months of intensive r & d, LIVEReel is verifying to be a steady as well as genuine loan earner for the customers.

Live video clips are constantly an instantaneous hit with online viewers, they discover it comfy but also for the manufacturers of these video clips, it is tough job getting to make a video clip when it’s required particularly if you are a marketing expert.

The maker of LIVEReel has actually definitely taken the stress and anxiety of repeating videos to taking pleasure in a boost in web traffic and also client base on your site.

At a price of 37 bucks and also a 30-day full cash back assurance, you can cheat your method to irresistible traffic for your site with this software.

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Frequently Asked Question


Does this work on Mac or PC?

Ans. — Yes. LiveReel is 100% cloud based so it works on any device, anywhere in the world with an internet connection. No software to download.

Is There Training?

Ans. — LiveReel is dead simple to use, but also comes with detailed video and PDF training and tutorials that can be accessed right inside the dashboard. You can always reach out to our support team if you have any questions.

 How is LiveReel Different & Better Than Other Apps?

Ans. — Unlike most other tools, LiveReel allows you to stream any of your existing videos, instead of having to be live and present for your livestream. It also syncs to 10 major video sharing/streaming websites, exposing you to way more traffic than other apps.

It’s also packed with tons of other cool features to engage your viewers too, such as lower thirds, multi lingual captions, background music, automatic comment replies, automatic private messaging to commenters,

A/B spit testing, and tons more features you won’t find in any other livestreaming tool on the web today.

Will I have trouble using Facebook features due to their recently App recalls?

Ans. — Facebook recently recalled all their app developers to get their Facebook apps re­approved. LIVEreels FB app is under approval process as well but since Facebook has a huge backlog of app to review, this might take some time.

As of now, you can use Facebook functions by creating your own apps (subject to Facebooks approval). Once LIVEreels app is 100% approved, you won’t need to create your own and integration will be seamless.