Commission Cartel Review

Commission Cartel Review

Commission Cartel Review

commission cartelIs it really easy to finda great online marketing training for cheap?  Sure it does not.

But Michael Cheney did it again.  A great training were nothing is left out and with a really low price to let anybody get their hands on it.  It´s name, Commission Cartel.

I have followed Cheney´s career and he always surprises me with the simplicity he uses to teach the most difficult subjects.

Wu¿ith this release, Michael confirms he is determined to show us how to make money online without spending money in useless things, and without spending time trying to understand strange notions.

Commission Cartel is straight forward to what you need to know to make it online and how to build a long term business online.

There is a lot to discover in this training, and with all that being said, lets move to see what this product is about.


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What is Commission Cartel?

Commission Cartel is a brand new product from Michael Cheney that teaches you everything you need to make money online promoting affiliate offers.


How does Commission Cartel works?

The training is a video based training divided in 8 modules where the author guides you step by step from zero to make your first commission online.

Once there, you´ll be guided on how to stablish a real and consistent online business, scaling your promotions to higher levels.


Inside Look on Commission Cartel.

1- Core Video Training.

This is the main core video training consisting of one hour long and then goes into step by step method into finding the best products online to promote, as well as how you can create successful promotions with the exact wordings so you can copy the same strategy, case studies and more secret sales strategies. Plus there are tons of other amazing things in this video. This feature online is well worth the price of ten products.

2- The Dossier. 

This is actually the PDF version of the main core training with some insights. Personally, I prefer PDF version over video version because I read this in my phone or laptop and then skip some points which I already implemented in my business.

3- MP3 Audio. 

This is actually the MP3 audio. Use this together with the core training video and the Dossier as well as the other training materials and components in the Commission Cartel member’s area. One great thing about this audio, is the fact you can listen to it, on the move.

4. Step by step blueprint.

This step by step blueprint is created to be printed off and then use it as you companion guide as you went through the Core Training Videos and the Dossier Report. You must keep this step by step blueprint handy and then tick every single staff as you implement them. What you need to do is complete each task and you will be on your way to earning serious affiliate income in no time.

5. Copy and paste promotions

– Use this feature to copy and paste your way for easy commission in just a few clicks. – Every message is deeply injected with psychological triggers and power hot buttons proven to convert your prospects into buyers in an instant. – Save hundreds of hours worth of research, trial and error by using these proven to convert promo emails and templates.

6. Big Commission Bootcamp

– Another hour of video training program that dives into finding and making money of high ticket product. In some niches, high ticket product is where the money is.

7. Affiliate marketing masterclass

This is another 54 minute video training program from Michael Cheney himself. The secret method that whackes your competition and then turn into a super affiliate without having much hassle with FBI or FTC. You will be earning money within a few minutes using this dead simple tactics.

8. Uncensored Affiliate Marketing Secrets

This is the tactic super affiliates used to hit the #1 leaderboard in almost every affiliate contest. Usually people will sell this method for $4997, but Michael Cheney give this away for just $9.95. I don’t understand why, but perhaps because Commission Cartel is opened to the public only for limited time.


The Commission Cartel Pros vs Cons


The main training is LITERALLY step by step, and while it’s perfect for newbies even seasoned marketers such as myself could easily learn a few things from it.

For $9.95 you get a TON of information here. I stated above that this course should go for$99 or $297 and I stick by that statement.

Newbie Friendly – The video & pdf training literally walk you through things step-by step as if Michael is sitting there letting you look over his shoulder as he finds products to promote,easily builds a pro_table sales funnel for them, etc.

The ADDITIONAL Video Training included with the course have previously been sold for $5,000 and after going through them I can see why.



Honestly, I really tried to find one thing to NOT like so I would not seem so biased, but with everything you get for just $9.95 there really is nothing to NOT like.


Are there upsells on the Commission Cartel Training?

You are going to find a couple of upsells after the front end purchase.

OTO 1: The Godfather Package.

It is a never before released done for you  commission-creating campaigs that you only have to copy and paste to profit.  The campaigns include promotional materials, discount coupons and a special bonus to incentivize people to buy through your link.

OTO 2 The Secret Weapons Package

This is a great collection of the best Michael Cheney converting promo templates that you can use as your own to make money online.  A couple of surprise bonuses are included.

My personal opinion about Commission Cartel

Commission Cartel includes everything you need to make money as an affiliate.  Nothing more… and nothing less.

It is easy to understand, easier to apply and with constance and patience, you will see how your online business starts growing.

The most exciting thing on this training is you do not need to spend money on ads or traffic.  everything is explained here.





commission cartel bonus commission cartel commission cartel bonus commission cartel


You will find your bonuses inside the Commission Cartel member´s area.  If you need any assistance sned me an email to so I can help you.

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